Day 1- Kicking off the SGR photo competition at Mombasa Terminus (Daily updates)


Day one of the SGR photography competition. The contestants were ready start off the challenge, all

prepared to bring out their A game and showcase their prowess in photography.

The competition got tough as the day went on but all the contestants seemed to have been prepared.

Not even the scorching sun brought down their psyche. All the photographers dispersed to spots they

felt expressed their creativity perfectly.

Mombasa Terminus was the first creative hub, the view was amazing and creatively designed by the

designers who pioneered the plan. All that was needed from the contestants was just to click away and

tell a story.

At the end of the day, the whole team had an interactive session with the workers and the neighboring

community. The team took off for the next venue as scheduled with anticipation that every contestant

got that winning photo they were required to submit for the day.

Oliver Mutai (left)the social media strategist behind the trending topic #sgrphotographycompetition on

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook was at his best as he captured moments with his new friend.