Day 1-SGR Photography Competition (article updates)

Day one of the 2017 CRBC competition started with departure from the Sarova Whitesands Hotel in Mombasa where the contestants spent the night.

Enthusiasm and excitement with a tinge of tension filled the air as every now and then the photographers could be seen tightening a bolt or two on their tripods, wiping lenses, testing their cameras and checking their battery packs to ensure all is set.

A mock shoot had taken place earlier in the morning. The contestants took to the beach to take photos of the majestic coastal sunrise. The hotel staff was mesmerized by the cameras, tripods,speed lights and the entire photography shebang of different types and sizes traversing the hotel towards the beach all in an effort to get the best shot.

Shortly after breakfast, it was all systems go as the buses arrived for departure to the Mombasa Terminus. The heat in Mombasa can be a bit unbearable but that did not dampen the spirit of the entire exercise.

A long dusty terrain of the busy Port Reitz road led to the Mombasa Terminus. It was extremely busy with workers in their hundreds racing against time to complete the project just in time ahead of the June 2017 official launch of the Mombasa-Nairobi SGR project.


Long dusty terrain.

Busy terminus.

There was a brief address highlighting the status of the terminus, estimated time of completion and general safety protocol to be observed during the time of stay.

Mombasa Terminus is a true definition of what a modern railway terminus should be. Spacious, proper signage in both English and Swahili, an outstanding landmark structure all sprinkled with attention to detail and style with every little aspect of it designed to fit its purpose.


At the terminus, the contestants were given only two hours to come up with unique photos that embraced 2017 theme of the CRBC photography competition; ‘Discover a new world.’

It was intriguing to see how the opinion on unique angles varied from one contestant to the other.The distance covered and positions assumed when getting shots was a perfect description of the passion and determination with the sole intention of pleasing the judges.

If the seriousness shown at this first point was anything to go by, then it is completely understandable why the contestants made it the finals.

It was exciting to come across these two young boys who were also taken aback by the beauty of the Mombasa  Terminus and did not mind taking some shots as well.

Future photographers.


After the two hour shoot,contestants catching a break.

The next stop after the Mombasa Terminus was the iconic bridge that fed the terminus from Port Reitz.

After both shoots, it was time to stop,breath and break for lunch. The sun at this point was at its hottest and exhaustion and hunger could be seen behind everyone’s thin smiles and sweaty faces.

After a befitting lunch, the final stop was Mazeras. At this point only thirty minutes was allowed to take shots because of the race against time and to ensure the team makes to Voi on time. where day three of the competition was scheduled to commence.

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