An entire day of shooting especially in a competition where each contestant tries to outdo the other in skill can be severely exhausting both physically and emotionally.

Day four of the competition started off in style. The contestants spent the night at Man Eaters Lodge inside Tsavo East National Park. Tented camps, the gushing waters of Tsavo river, growing of hippos and growling of crocodiles,  all characterized an early morning at the lodge.

Man Eaters Lodge, Tsavo East National Park.


Tsavo River.

To start off the day, the contestants began their photographic story telling at the Mtito Andei  Intermediate Station. This station is at the center of the Mombasa-Nairobi SGR. There is a total of eight intermediate stations along the entire railway. These stations are for alighting and boarding for passengers and for loading and offloading of cargo. Each intermediate station has a freight yard for this purpose. The architectural design of the station is in the shape of Letter M to denote Mtito Andei.

Mtito Andei Intermediate Station.

Kibwezi Intermediate Station was the next stop. As always, the designs of these stations are independent of each other and every one of them stands out in their own way.This station has the shape of the traditional roof thatching called ‘makuti’ that is widely used in the region. Here the contestants were also expected to capture captivating aspects of the station and explain the inspiration behind each shot.

Kibwezi Intermediate Station.

There was a short break after before resuming the afternoon session.

The second session of the competition started at the Simba Station which is a Signal passing station. There are twenty-three passing stations along the entire Mombasa-Nairobi  SGR. The have control equipment installed inside. The main purpose of the passing station is the control train movement. Preference will always be given to passenger trains.

Simba Passing Station

After the Simba Passing Station, exhaustion was clearly checking in but there was yet one last stop before the end of the day’s business; Emali Intermediate Station.

This station had a lot of construction work still ongoing compare to the other intermediate stations. As usual, the architectural design had and inspiration behind it. The entire station is made of specially designed aluminum sheets, and had the shape of a clenched fist. The manager in charge of the site explained that it symbolized the unity of the Kenyan people. This station also had a freight yard and an expansive car park. The contestants took their  final challenge at this  point.

Emali Intermediate Station

Another day gone.

Three intermediate stations and one passing station, twenty five contestants one winner!