Day 2- The story of an intermediate station,two bridges and twenty five lenses (Article updates)


Nothing beats a golden sunrise, loud roars of the king of the jungle and herds of elephants making their way into the forest after a night spent right behind the rooms where the contestants spent the night. According to the staff at Voi Wildlife Lodge, that is a typical morning at that side of Tsavo East National Park and it is about four kilometers off the Mombasa-Nairobi highway.

Sunrise in the wild.


A herd of elephant walking back to the forest .

The weather in Voi was much tolerable and the sun wasn’t as hot. The contestants all ready and rejuvenated to start the day. A weather that perfectly matched their high spirit.By 8:00am in the morning everyone was set ready for the day’s challenge.

The first stop was The Voi Super Bridge. It had huge pillars and a snaking railway above. It was a perfect description of what happens when modern architecture meets technology.

Voi Super Bridge

It was impressive to see how creative the photographers could get with their shots; bird eye view shots, worms eye view and drone shots as well.

The next stop was the Voi Intermediate Station. The contestants were in awe with state of the art architectural design of the station. The station could easily be mistaken with a VIP terminal of an international airport. The Voi intermediate station was compete and ready to commence operations. At this station, the contestants were spoilt for choice because all aspects of the station was so picturesque! From the metal detectors, ticketing booth, waiting bay, boarding area, car park, and the carefully landscaped front area.

Voi Intermediate Station.


Voi Intermediate Station railway line.

At the end of the two sessions, the contestants were taken back to Voi Wildlife Lodge for lunch.

At the lodge, there is a spectacular occurrence that happens every lunch time without fail. Scores of animals including elephants, giraffes, antelopes and many others come over to a watering hole right at the front of the restaurant to drink water. The captivating thing about this occurrence is how the animals are in their element and close enough to an extent of seeing the eye lashes on the elephants!

The Voi Wildlife Lodge Watering Hotel.

The next and final stop was the Tsavo Super Bridge after lunch. The bridge is 1.98Km long and it is one of first bridges to be constructed that drew so much attention to the Mombasa- Nairobi SGR project. It is located inside Tsavo East National Park. Culverts have been constructed to allow wild animals to cross over to the other side of the road to Tsavo West National Park.

The Tsavo Super Bridge has longer columns than the other bridges along the SGR and passes above Tsavo river.

Tsavo Super Bridge.

Being done with the last Challenge of the day, the contestants were taken to Man Eaters Lodge in Tsavo East National Park for the night.