Day three of the competition started on a high note. Some contestants stayed up late to take shots of the sky and stars. Most of the contestants got proper rest after getting to Man Eaters Lodge in Tsavo East National Park, earlier than usual compare the other days.


The first stop of the photography competition was Mtito Andei Intermediate Station. Each of the Intermediate Stations has a unique design based on the name of the station and the location. Mtito Andei’s design denotes letter M, the first letter of the station.


Kibwezi was the second stop. It was surprising to see the contestants keeping at their A game. More angles, different perspectives and unique shots dominated this scene.


Simba Passing Station which was the first among the twenty three passing stations was the third spot for photography. It will be intriguing to see the results of the challenge, considering the passing stations are small and standalone when compared to the other previous areas covered.


Final stop of the day was Emali Intermediate Station. The design was influenced by a clenched fist which is intended to symbolize the unity of Kenyans. Perfect location for the contestants to synchronize the theme of the completion; ‘ Discover a new world.’